Service Details

Objects falling from structures are still responsible for a lot of accidents and casualties both offshore and onshore. Falling items typically involve non-conforming items that have been:

  • Damaged by the weather
  • Loosened by excessive vibration
  • Corroded parts of structures and equipment
  • Left loosely at heights after construction or maintenance works

Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) monitors and prevents objects dropping from heights.

We provide DROPS surveys for all types of structures and surveys can range in scale from simple removal of loose items to a complete inventory of equipment within the structure.

Following a DROPS survey, we will provide detailed reports including photographs which notify of items requiring immediate action.

We will also advise on non-conforming items that can be rectified or repaired during or immediately after the survey.

Our post survey reports include detailed recommendations for continuous and future maintenance and inspections.

We use our in-house developed software for conducting dropped object inspections.

Areas that we typically cover on a full survey can include the following or be specific to your individual requirements.

  • Derricks, Masts and Substructure
  • Travel Equipment, Jack House, and Legs
  • Rig Equipment
  • Deck & Gantry Cranes
  • Flare Stacks
  • Structure